Chikondi and Mpatso Care Centre – Malawi

On the 27th of May 2022, KFM Malawi visited Chikondi and Mpatso Care Centre in Area 25 Lilongwe.

Chikondi and Mpatso Care Centre is a center that provides a feeding program for orphaned children or children in the area whose parents cannot afford to feed them. The care center has a total of 151 children ranging from ages 3 years to 26 years, this includes 26 children in nursery school, 111 in primary school, 12 in high school and 2 young adults at tertiary level.

During our visit the KFM Malawi team and Kingdom Financiers donated some basic food items to further assist the care center with their feeding program, as well as clothing for the children. Among the food items that were donated were basics such as maize, rice, beans, soya pieces, sugar and oil and sanitary pads for the girls. These items would be able to assist with feeding the children for a period of two (2) months without running out. This was an incredible experience for KFM Malawi as it also gave the team an opportunity to engage with the children at all levels while speaking to them about the love of God. The children were so happy to have been visited by the KFM Malawi team and they were grateful to have been remembered on this day and experience the love of God through the Kingdom Financiers.