Kenya, Nairobi

On the 22nd of May 2022, Kingdom Financiers from Kenya Visited Blessed Kids Centre in Nairobi, Zimmerman, established 6 years ago by Madam Rose Bensuda, to spread a message of hope.

6 years ago, Madam Rose received a call from the police asking her to come to their office, she heeded the call, and upon her arrival she was surprised as the police requested her to take care of some abandoned children in the area. Being a Strong woman of Faith, she accepted the assignment, and immediately started housing the destitute children in her one-bedroom apartment.

God’s Grace has been sufficient, and now her center hosts 36 children, with 6 children in High School, and 30 children spreading across Nursery School and Primary School.

Regardless of her many efforts, the center is still facing several challenges, ranging from food shortages, rentals, and school fees for the children in high school.

We observed the following, despite their challenges at the center; the mood amongst the children remained jovial, they pray fervently trusting God, and they have great knowledge of the Word of God. They spend their time in song, along with poetry and psalms.

The Kingdom Financing Millionaires in Kenya, blessed the children with the following items: Yellow Beans, Basmati Rice, Maize Flour ( Unga), Ngengu (small dry green beans, Cooking Oil, Bar Washing Soap, Pampers, Vaseline / Valon, as well as some much needed clothes.

We had an amazing time with the children, and to our surprise they prayed for us!