Lilongwe District (Malawi)

Mtandire flood drainage construction

KFMI Malawi and Partners visited Mtandire Flood root Community in Lilongwe District under Thamanda Ministries led by Pastor Misomali in Corroboration with Mrs. Success Mawerenga. The community of Mtandire has been experiencing floods during rainy sessions for years, this was due to a blocked drainage which was caused by dumping of trash by the surrounding communities. There has been several cases whereby the com- munity discovered dead bodies of children who did not manage to survive the flood waters in the same area.
This touched the hearts of Kingdom Financiers who decided to help the community solve the problem by constructing a drainage to keep the community safe. The Partners involved the Village Head and members of the community in the process of construction and handed over Donations to fund this life changing construction project.