South Africa, Gauteng (Tembisa)

On 20 October 2021 Gauteng kingdom financiers visited Tembisa Child and Family Welfare Society in Tembisa Township, Gauteng.

This organization is an NGO that takes care of children from birth to 21 years. They have 74 young children and a smaller number of teenagers that are at a university level. A large percentage of the children are below the age of 13 years.

The organization is run by two ladies who have been involved in child welfare for over three decades. The organization operates with funding and donations provided by various sponsors and donors.

They also raise funds through running an on-premise Early Childhood Development School; a Bakery; and a Sewing Workshop to service the families living in and around the community of Tembisa. The organization has a staff complement of between 80 and 100 staff members.

What a blessing it was for Midrand KFMI to spend time in the Tembisa Child and Family Welfare building. We donated essential food staffs necessary to help take care of the needs of all the children.